In the event of a medical emergency, which may require treatment, hospitalisation or immediate repatriation, please contact the CEGA Assistance helpline as soon as possible, quoting your name or your yacht and employer.

+44 (0) 1243 964 102

In addition to 24 hour assistance, we can offer the following:

DIRECT PAYMENT: In most cases involving hospitalisation, CEGA Assistance will make direct payments or guarantees locally. The hospital or clinic should therefore invoice CEGA Assistance directly for payment. In some rare cases, hospitals will not invoice for treatments and will require payment by the patient.

AIR RESCUE/REPATRIATION: In the event of an emergency requiring air rescue or repatriation, please contact the helpline immediately. All repatriations must be approved and arranged by CEGA Assistance; failure to follow procedure may result in insurance coverage suspension for the air rescue or repatriation.

If the claim is minor please complete and return a Medical Claim Form together with a copy of all relevant receipts and invoices. They are available from the designated medical officer or directly from and can be found within the “downloads” section or via DocuPING on the Sanctum APP which is available via the Apple AppStore or Google Play.
For any general non-emergency claims please submit via your broker or via or the Sanctum APP.