Most crew welfare policies are written for the benefit of the underwriters and not the crew; they frequently use complex language and numerous exclusions or misleading statements. After consulting with yacht captains and crew, we decided to rip up the rulebook on crew welfare insurance to create Sanctum Health, which looks after the needs of the on-board team that keeps your yacht running smoothly.

Sanctum Health crew welfare policy contains three major sections or levels of cover:

Firstly, a Personal Accident benefit in the event of an incident while employed, paying either a lump sum or a multiple of salary. Our new policy with simplified language and fewer limitations or exclusions includes free automatic cover for loss of limbs, sight and other permanent disablements.

Secondly, we have evolved the concept of temporary total disablement (TTD), which covers a percentage of a crew member’s wages if they are unable to work. With the MLC 2006 requiring commercial (charter) yachts to provide an element of pay whilst the crew member is signed off, we have changed the this part to ‘Sick Pay’, which has simpler and clearer wording than traditional TTD. Cover can be offered for the minimum requirement of 16 weeks or an extended 52 or 104 weeks.

Finally, a very important element of Sanctum Health is the emergency medical treatment. Our policy offers a practical and considered solution, with fewer exclusions and more extensions. We offer an enhanced liability limit of up to £1 million per crew member per claim, with 24/365 cover, even when the crew member is away from the yacht or on leave. Appreciating the lifestyle and professional demands of superyacht crew, cover extends to most activities, including scuba diving and winter sports.

In the global, round-the-clock world of yachting, accidents can happen at any hour of the day or night. With Sanctum Health, assistance is always on hand, with a 24/365 emergency helpline offering crisis management, local advice and automatic hospital guarantees and payments if required. General claims administration for non-emergency needs are quickly and easily taken care of through our claim form online or via the new Sanctum App.



Should you require confirmation of the applicable wording please contact your broker.